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Necessity often forced our ancestors to move around the country in search of work, change their occupation or seek new opportunities abroad.

“Finding out that my father undertook secret service work prior to and during WWII was a complete revelation. He never gave the slightest clue that had been his life!”

– R. Simmons. Kent

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Others fell on hard times and had to rely on local charity to see them through. Some fell foul of the law and ended up imprisoned or transported for minor crimes under the harshest conditions.

Millions of people responded to the call to help in both World Wars and life would never be the same again. Whatever happened to your ancestors, whether Lords or labourers, their story will be fascinating.

All research is tailored to what YOU would like to know, whether an entire family history or just a specific line or area researched, I can help. Take a look through my range of research options or contact me and receive a tailored quote.

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