To give an idea of the services I can provide to anyone wishing to trace their family I have outlined a selection of three packages. As a matter or course, within each of these packages I will research and provide information in the following areas:

  • Search for baptism certificates including any available records of the non-conformists if your ancestors were not members of the Church of England.
  • Search parish records where available for information on your ancestors.
  • Check probates records.
  • Search military records where appropriate and available.
  • Include a number of birth, marriage and death certificates relating to your direct ancestors.
  • Provide copies of census reports which will be carefully checked to ensure accuracy as far as it is possible.
  • Provide a written research report showing research steps taken, sources used and conclusions.

If you have other needs not met by these packages or have a specific area of research you would like carried out I am happy to discuss these and give an individual quote.

Family History Uncovered Packages
Professional Genealogy Service to find lost family history

“My rosy view of the past has changed as I heard how tough life was for my agricultural ancestors.”

  – M. Brewer. London

To see the details for my family history packages please select from the options below.

Included in this package will be up to 8 birth/marriage/death certificates.

One line family history tree chart.


This package will include up to 16 birth/marriage/death certificates.

Two family history tree charts. You may like to have yours and your husband/partner’s or both your parents.

Family lines will be traced back to the early 1800s.


This package will be ideal for those wishing to obtain a full picture of the lives of their ancestors. In addition to the 21 birth/marriage/death certificates and family tree charts, this package will provide a very readable history of your family, presented to ensure that it becomes a family treasure for future generations.

The family story will show what the area where they lived was like and what sort of working conditions they would have had. It will also show if there are common health problems running through the various generations and what was happening in the world around them which would have had an affect on their lives. If your ancestors left a will this will document what the probate records show of the estate and who the beneficiaries were.

If your ancestors served in the military, were awarded any medals and should their service records be available, details for these will also be included. I appropriate any available details from immigration records which will also be included.